Mantra to Crack UPSC

Mantra to Crack UPSC

No doubt UPSC-Civil Services is a tough exam. If we check for the statistics, selection rate is less than 0.001%. Every year lakh of students appear in the exam to fulfill their dream to become an IAS /IPS/IFS/IRS etc.

Before coming to the ‘Mantra’ of clearing UPSC exam let us first discuss,“Why there are failures in UPSC?” If we know why most of the students are unsuccessful in UPSC then only we can chart-out better strategy for our own.

Remember, “A successful person is the one, who learn from the mistakes of the others.”

Why Failures in UPSC?

1. Lack of Proper Guidance :-

First and the most important cause of failure in UPSC is the lack of guidance. UPSC syllabus is vast and the three stages (Prelims, Mains, Interview) of the exam test the various aspects of candidates. Hence proper guidance is very important.

In case of Lack of Guidance-

You don’t know, How to study? How to plan your studies? Till what depth you need to study? What to study? What are the proper sources to study from, as market is full of materials. How to write answers for Mains exam? Most important question, what NOT to study?

Apart from all these questions there are a lot of day-to-day doubts during the whole period of preparation. We definitely need some mentor to guide us.


The Officers Classes is the bet platform for proper guidance. Our Advisory Board Members are all selected civil servants, who are providing personal mentorship for the aspirants.

In discussion with many selected candidates it is clear that most of them were able to clear it only because they had someone around them to guide, who was their ‘Way Watcher’.

If you have a selected civil servant as your guide, your mentor then chances for the selection increases exponentially.

But remember as guidance is helpful similarly Misguidance is harmful. There are a lot of myths about UPSC in the market.

Therefore to avoid it, do not take guidance/advices from those who have never appeared in all the stages of this exam.

Real guidance can only be provided by someone who has cleared the exam and can honestly share his/her strategy to crack it.

2. Under Confidence/Unnecessary Fear :-

No doubt UPSC is a tough exam but remember it’s an exam like any other which can be cracked with proper strategy, planning and hard work.

There is no need to be fearful. In state of fear you start being misguided. You start reading various unnecessary study materials and waste the crucial time of preparation.

Exams by UPSC demands mediocre intelligence. There is no need to have a very high IQ or intelligence for this exam. There are many examples who got even second/third division in their 10 th , 12 th or graduation but they cleared this exam with flying colors.

UPSC looks for ‘Balanced Mindset’. For clearing UPSC exams Emotional Intelligence is more important than Academic Intelligence.

So, if one thinks that UPSC is not for him/her and only for toppers and he/she is wrong.

Believe us, anyone can crack UPSC exam ‘IF’ he/she has proper guidance, planning and hard work. If you have all these with you then have confidence in yourself you will definitely be a civil servant.

3. Emotional Instability :-

Third reason for failure is emotional instability. UPSC not only tests you for your intelligence but it’s an exam to check your emotional instability as well. Dear friends, excessive joy and sorrowfulness both are harmful.

During your preparation many times we feel, “ki ab nahi ho payega”. In these conditions don’t get depressed, it’s just the part of preparation, where our emotional state is being tested. We have to take this as a challenge. Things get worse when we do not manage this phase and try to fight, which ultimately leads to depression.

So, emotional maturity is needed to crack this examination. Remember, ‘it’s the battle of the fighters and the warriors’.

4. Carelessness :-

Carelessness in the attitude is also a reason for not succeeding the examination. Sometimes we ignore things which we find irrelevant without knowing the importance of that thing. This habit leads us to make mistakes in the examination hall and we attempt the wrong questions, make unnecessary mistakes because of this attitude of carelessness.

So, it’s very important to avoid silly mistakes. You need to be responsible, persistent, careful and accountable.

We have discussed WHY do, people FAIL in UPSC-ICS examination. But, now will chart-out our strategy to clear the examination.

Mantra #1.

First and the most important Mantra to crack UPSC examination is Consistent Smart Hard work. As we all know that, “there is no shortcut to success” so, UPSC is not any exception. It needs lot of persistent and smart hard work to crack this examination. What is the definition of ‘smart hard work’? Hard work with proper direction, with a well-planned strategy can be defined as a smart hard work. To crack this exam, it needs minimum 7-8hrs of daily studies for at least one year. Hence the most important aspect is consistency.

Mantra #2.

Proper understanding of concepts and consolidation of what you have studied:

It is important that whatever you are studying you should be able to understand the concept behind it and then try to summarize it in one or two pages.

Mantra #3.

Stick to Syllabus:

Mantra #4.

Solve Previous Year UPSC- CSE pre and mains Question Papers.

Mantra #5.

Make your base and concept strong from NCERT Books and Basic Books.

Mantra #6.

Do not jump to magazine and newspapers without having proper grip on your basic concepts.

Mantra #7.

Choose your optional subject wisely.

Mantra #8.

Focus on all parts of syllabus.

Mantra #9.

Choose/Select study materials wisely and then stuck to it. It is recommended to study one topic from one source many times not one topic from many sources.

Mantra #10.

Once you are done with the topic try to solve Previous Year Questions (both prelims and mains) based upon that topic. You may also join Test-series but there must be personal guidance/mentorship to guide you, correct you for writing answers in for mains.

Mantra #11.

One must learn from the mistakes and avoid repeating the same.

Mantra #12.

Develop your own thoughts and views on the topic.

Mantra #13.

Start writing on random topics and try to give shape your thoughts.

Mantra #14.

Evaluate it from someone and take inputs.

Mantra #15.

Healthy discussion with your friends and collegues.

Mantra #16.

Emotional understanding and balance at times of mood getting low.

Mantra #17.

No room for bad habits with a daily exercise routine and a healthy diet.

Mantra #18.

Learn to utilize your free time. For this RS TV and AIR discussions are important.

Mantra #19.

Follow some important websites like PIB, MoAgriculture etc.

Mantra #20.

Avoid negativity and negative friend circle.

Mantra #21.

Do not be afraid of crowd (people preparing for the exam). Focus on yourself, have confidence in you. You just need one seat among hundreds.

Mantra #22.

If you are not successful in you attempts, don’t loose hope. Learn from your mistakes, analyze your reasons for failure, figure out your weakness and start preparing for the next.

Our Formula for UPSC Preperation :-
U - Understanding of Syllabus, Concepts, Emotions
P – Planning/Preparing Under Guidance
S - Sustained, Sustainable effort with Smart Strategy
C – Consistency and Confidence.

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